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Successful partnering with PF Olsen

We are extremely satisfied with the assistance provided by the staff of PF Olsen, the expertise and resources they brought to bear to establish the plantation, and the ongoing plantation management service they are providing. They display a genuine interest in the health and success of our plantation, and adopt a holistic approach towards farm management including care of the land, responsible use of farm chemicals, and protection of native flora and fauna.  Their communication and partnering is transparent and excellent. They regularly monitor the health of our plantation and are readily available to assist whenever we need help with contract services, information and advice. We are fortunate to receive their monthly Newsletter (Wood Matters) which helps us keep abreast of a range of topics including developments in silviculture, environmental matters, plantation economics and global sawlog markets.    

 Mike and Michele Rautenbach, proud owners of Pinecrest treefarm

Ultimately, the relative health and growth of our plantation is the best measure of success of the partnership we have with PF Olsen. In a recent benchmarking with other radiata plantations in our district, our plantation performed exceptionally well, taking out top position. We believe this is principally attributable to the expertise and assistance provided by PF Olsen. (Read the full testimonial here