Why choose PF Olsen Australia?

PF Olsen Australia provides independent, unbiased forestry services to a wide range of the Australian forest and forest products industries. Our team of experienced and committed professional foresters work on all aspects of forestry including:

  • softwood and hardwood plantation forest establishment, silviculture, harvesting and management
  • specialist services in temperate and tropical plantation forestry
  • specialist services in fire management
  • environmental management and forest management and certification
  • forestry health and safety programs
  • forestry planning and information systems and advice
  • investment and financial analysis for forestry investments
  • forest valuations and due diligence.

PF Olsen Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PF Olsen Group, which is the largest independent forest management services provider across New Zealand and Australia. Australia manages over 170,000 hectares of forest and approximately 2 million tonnes of wood is harvested every year.

Because we do not own forests or processing plants and do not own forest operations contracting businesses, our advice is truly independent.

PF Olsen Australia prides itself on being able to work with clients to deliver the highest quality forest management outcomes most efficiently and cost effectively.

PF Olsen Australia works collaboratively with a wide range of experts in forest management, logistics, harvesting, investment, and safety and forestry systems to ensure that clients have access to the very best advice and forestry solutions.