ForestSmart Group Scheme

ForestSmart is PF Olsen Australia’s proprietary Group Certification Scheme for sustainable forest management. ForestSmart offers cost effective forest management certification to small and medium-sized growers, to either the Australian Forestry Standard or the Forest Stewardship Council® . ForestSmart is the only Group Certification Scheme in Australia offering national coverage and built around the tried and tested forest management systems of the PF Olsen Group.

There are two options for ForestSmart membership:

  • Resource Membership - PF Olsen Australia is contracted to undertake your forest management.
  • Group Membership - you undertake your own forest management.

For either of these options, membership entails entering into an agreement with PF Olsen Australia and participating in a series of self-assessment and external audits to ensure your forests meet the certification requirements.

For more information about ForestSmart Certification please visit