Sustainable Forest Management


PF Olsen Australia is responsible for the sustainable management of  plantations on behalf of multiple forest investment funds.  At its clients’ requests, PF Olsen Australia’s forest management has achieved independent certification to:

  • the Australian Forestry Standard, or
  • the criteria and principles of the Forest Stewardship Council® .

The main forests under management are located in Victoria and south west Western Australia. Smaller areas are located in Tasmania and South Australia (mainland and Kangaroo Island).

 The document pages below provide:

  • the policy and standards PF Olsen Australia has established to measure and check its own performance.
  • maps showing the locations of the forests
  • the management plans for their management.
  • information about:
    • PF Olsen Policies and standards
    • The structure of the FSC® group scheme,
    • details of certified forests ,
    • sustainability data, and
    • details of the High Conservation Value forests under our management

Each document and map is a downloadable PDF file. If you have further queries about our forest management please contact us. 


For more information about our certification options