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Pre Employement

When employing a new employee it is vital that all the boxes are ticked prior to the employee commencing.
  • Provide the employee with the companies Drug and Alcohol policy (if applicable to your business).
  • Employee is to complete a pre-existing injury declaration (this is critical if the employee has made a previous workers compensation claim with another employer).
  • Employee should undertake a Medical assessment by a medical practitioner and the medical opinion form is completed and signed off by the medical practitioner,  this assessment should include a audiometric assessment if the employee is likely to be exposed to noise levels greater than 85dba.
  • Employee information form should be completed by the employee, this includes:
    • next of kin contact details,
    • banking and superannuation details,
    • drivers license,
    • THOL’s,
    • first aid qualifications and expiry dates. 
    • Copies of all certificates of competency held by the employee should be obtained and filed accordingly.
Once the new employee has completed the above process and is nearing the commencement date of employment the employer should:
  • Induct the employee into the business using the company induction material and the signed off of the induction filed accordingly. This induction should include a copy of the Fair Work Australia statement.
  • Induct the employee into the relevant job procedures for the task or tasks that the employee will be undertaking and the signed off job acknowledgement form and filed accordingly.
  • Information in relation to the substances that employees may be exposed to are contained within the job procedures, further information may be required, if so refer to the hazardous substances register and risk assessments.
An employment contract may also be signed off at this point with the original being filed accordingly.
The employee register should be updated with all of the relevant information from the above documents and hardcopies attached the personal file of the new employee.
This process is to ensure that the employer has all of the information that they may require about the new employee and enable the employer to demonstrate that they have provided the employee with instruction and training as they are required to do under the OH&S Act. 

Note: the employer under the same Act is also required to provide supervision to the employee and this is demonstrated by the regular completion of the Logging Team Leader checklists.
For those contractors using a PF Olsen Aus Contractor Management System the required documents can be located in:
Section 3 – Employees
Section 4 – Induction and Emergency Training
Section 5 – Job Procedures
Section 13 – Substances and Materials