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Sun Exposure


Cancer Council Australia has developed a comprehensive guide for people who work in the outdoors. The guide is aimed at employers to help develop the appropriate assessments and control measures. The document outlines control measures, guidelines and much more. To view and download the pdf please click on the link below.

Protecting your workers:

Prevention of health issues in the workplace is far better than a cure.
Cancer Council Australia recommends that workplaces implement a comprehensive sun protection program. The program should include:
  • Risk assessment: periodic assessment of the solar UVR exposure risk to all employees.
  • Sun protection control measures: the introduction and maintenance of protective measures in line with occupational hazard controls.
  • Training employees to work safely in the sun: the provision of information, instruction, training and supervision for employees.


Did you know?


It is a common misconception that you can 'feel yourself getting sunburnt'. Solar UVR cannot be seen or felt so it can damage our skin without us knowing.
Source: Cancer Council Australia