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Contractor Inductions and Training

The induction of a new employee is often looked upon as another meaningless task that must be done before a new employee can get working and, hopefully, earn some money for the company.

The objectives of a good induction and job procedure training process are:

  • To give the new employee a sound understanding of how the business is managed and how you expect your employees to behave when representing the company.
  • To train the new employee in how to undertake the job safely to the satisfaction of the employer and the customers of the business.  This training should at least include both industry specific and task specific hazard awareness training, reporting responsibilities, emergency procedures, environmental responsibilities, responsibilities to their follow workers and others at the workplace.
  • To provide a documented trail of induction and training records that assist the employer to be able to demonstrate that the employer has supplied the new employee with all the relevant information enabling the new employee to safely undertake the required task as required under the OH&S legislation.

All forms of training should be piece by piece, bit by bit to ensure that the trainee has taken on board the desired information and is able to retain this information.  Because of this, induction and task specific training should be delivered over time to minimise the risk of information overload, followed up by annual re induction and periodic training reviews.