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Safe Work Zones

One of the greatest dangers a person working in the forest faces is being struck by logs, trees or pieces of machinery.

Work Zones are designed to allow individual workers to have a space in which they can confidently undertake their work in a safe environment. Your work zone may move and change shape as you undertake different tasks around the work site.

Depending on your job, your safe work zone may also be an area where you could seriously injure anyone else who enters it. It is your primary responsibility to ensure that you preserve your work zone.  This is best achieved either by physical barriers or distance.

Please refer to your safe work procedure to determine your safe work zone.

If you are unable to ensure your work zone is safe for you or anyone else STOP WORKING IMMEDIATELY.  Do not recommence operations until the hazards that concern you have been eliminated or appropriate control measures implemented.

No one else is permitted to enter your work zone unless you have given explicit permission using your UHF radio.