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Site Inductions

Why is it that Worksafe, land owners, auditors and others place so much emphasis on site inductions?

Firstly the controller of the site has a legal and moral obligation to every person on the site under their control, to ensure that they are made aware of the known hazards on the site and that they are trained in the control measures that will eliminate or minimise the risks associated with those hazards.
Secondly the site induction is often the first glimpse of the site controller and their management systems and we all know that first impressions count.  A thorough induction generally indicates that the controller has systems in place that ensures that hazards and people are separated via tried and proven practises.  On the other hand an induction that is not completed, or is poorly completed generally indicates that the controller has inadequate processes in place to separate people from the hazards on site. This is a trigger for regulators and auditors to look more closely at the overall operations.
The induction should be completed before anyone is allowed to leave the visitors area, often the car park.  If the inductor is unavailable then they or other crew members should instruct the visitors to remain in the visitor area until the inductor is available to complete the induction.

How do you ensure that a good induction is completed each and every time?

  • Assign one person on the site to complete all inductions. This makes inductions more consistent and professional. Selecting the right person is crucial, ability, availability and people skills are a few of the capabilities required.
  • Train the assigned person so they can confidently complete a professional induction and answer any questions that may arise.
  • Standardise the process. Using a check-list/cheat-sheet will assist.
  • Periodically review the induction process and the inductor to ensure that the induction is achieving what your company is aiming to do.
  • Keeps records of all inductions and use these as part of h review process if required.