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Haulage Safety - Working with Other Road Users

The interaction between trucks and other road users on internal forests roads and even larger public roads is a high risk operation. Communication is the one of the main controls around reducing the risk of collisions.
All trucks and forestry vehicles should be fitted with 2-way radios so they can communicate with other vehicles their location and/or hazards/incidents ahead. It is recommended that you make a radio call every time you pass a significant landmark or a route marker.
Most forests will have route markers set up in one kilometre intervals along major haul routes. Everyone should be provided with information about the appropriate channel to use when travelling in a forest by the forest manager.
The general protocol for loaded trucks travelling away from the landing is to call:
“Name, loaded, Location”
Example: “PHS, loaded, Jeremy Rd 3km marker”
When unloaded trucks will call:
“Name, unloaded, Location”.
Example: “PHS, unloaded, Jeremy Rd 3km marker”
In some areas Trucks and other vehicles may simply say:
“Name, Road name, km marker number” and then say if they are travelling up the number or down the number.
Example: “PHS, Jeremy Rd 3km marker, down the numbers”
Whenever driving on forests roads do not rely on other drivers to call in. Maintain a safe speed and be prepared to avoid collisions at all times.