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Prevent Lifting Injuries

Lifting is very much a part of our everyday job. And, because it’s something we do so often, we tend to do it automatically, without thinking. We don’t think about lifting until our backs start to hurt.
Lifting incorrectly can result in a variety of injuries. Back strain is probably the one most common type of injury. A back strain usually results from over-stretching certain muscles. Another type of injury that can result from lifting incorrectly is a hernia. Both injuries can be extremely painful. Both are usually the result of incorrect body mechanics and/or extreme exertion.
All injuries that may occur because of incorrect lifting are preventable.
Safe lifting plays a major part in your effort to maintain a healthy back and prevent injury to it. Even though there doesn’t seem to be just one right method to lift an object, there are lifting techniques that can reduce the strain on your lower back. 
Avoid twisting your upper body. Twisting compounds the stresses and forces of lifting and carrying an object. It affects your centre of balance. Once you have established a good foundation with your feet, use them to change direction. This technique is especially important when moving an object a short distance.
Everyone has a way of lifting that seems most natural. Examine your lifting techniques to prevent injury to your back. Your personal health and safety is your responsibility. These techniques will help you to prevent injury:

  • Correct lifting techniques involve several common steps.
  • Stay in good physical shape
  • Size up the load; ask for help
  • Get a good grip
  • Set a good foundation; position your feet for lifting
  • Use your powerful leg muscles
  • Keep the load close to your body
  • Maintain your balance
  • Avoid twisting your upper body