Client Access

Map Central for Clients has been developed as a cloud hosted service, web based viewer for PF Olsen clients to view spatial data. From Map Central you can zoom to a specific property, view property data, measure distance and area, annotate a map with text and print maps.



If you are using Map Central for Clients on a mobile device in the field, you can locate yourself and track where you have been.


Login credentials, unique to each client, control what client data is available for each client. More than one user can login using the same login details at the same time.


For any changes in data symbology and labels, additional data or any questions please email




'How to' manual available here




Map Central for Clients has been optimised to work in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, no guarantee is made for the performance of Map Central for Clients in Citrix or Citrix like systems.

PF Olsen is willing to assist clients with setup enquires. 


Map Central Format