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PF Olsen Australia provides quality consulting services, supported by our expert team of resources analysts, land information specialists and professional foresters. We provide advice and consulting services for valuations, due diligence, forest planning, fire planning, forest management systems, occupational health and safety, forestry policy and technical forest management advice.

We can assist with:

  • land suitability assessment and advice for greenfields forestry ventures
  • analysis, valuation and due diligence for treecrop purchases and sales
  • forest mapping, inventory, yield forecasts and estate modelling
  • treecrop insurance assessments
  • feasibility analysis for forestry investments
  • carbon forestry
  • forest planning and management systems advice
  • fire hazard assessment, prescribed burn planning, and post-fire (wildfire) damage assessment
  • assessment of regulatory compliance
  • harvest planning
  • technical forestry advice