Contractor Support

The ForestSmart Contractor Management System is a customised management tool that provides forestry contractors with the skills and tools to manage their health, safety and environmental obligations. Specialists  within PF Olsen Australia have been working with contractors to develop and improve the system for over 10 years. Core components and standards are now embedded into industry wide Codes of Practice which have been adopted nationally.

The key features of the ForestSmart system are: 

  • an integrated health, safety and environmental management system.
  • regularly reviewed legal registers that outline Managers’ and Directors’ duties.
  • business specific modules that can be easily customized to meet the needs of your business and your clients.
  • an easy to navigate system architecture to guide you, your customers and auditors to the key system elements.
  • a secure online portal that you and your customers can access from anywhere.
  • careful mentoring and support to ensure you understand how to make your system active and effective.
  • regular newsletters and reminders to help you keep your paperwork up to date.
  • a support service so that you can confidently answer questions from your clients and regulators.

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