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Controlled Wood

PF Olsen Australia can facilitate the sale of wood from forests without FSC® certification into markets requiring FSC® certification. The ForestSmart® Controlled Wood Verification Scheme has been shown to meet all the necessary qualifications to be certified in accordance with the FSC Controlled Wood Standard for Forest Management Enterprises (FSC-STD-30-010 (V2-0) EN).  The scope of this scheme covers planted forestland in Australia.

Certification confirms that PF Olsen Australia has the processes to avoid:

  • Harvesting illegal wood;
  • Harvesting in violation of traditional and civil rights;
  • Harvesting in forests in which high conservation values are threatened by harvesting activities;
  • Harvesting wood from areas converted from natural forests and other wooded ecosystems to plantations;
  • Harvesting wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.

Certification according to this scheme is recommended as a step towards FSC certification against the FSC Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship (FSC-STD-01-001 (V5-0))

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Please email with the subject “Controlled Wood enquiry” if you would like further information.