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We offer harvest management services either as part of our comprehensive forest management service, or as a stand alone service. The key elements of our harvesting management services are:

  • Harvest scheduling to determine what's growing, when the best time to harvest it is, what production levels should be set and which stands should be harvested when.
  • Selection of the most appropriate sales approach - stumpage sale or delivered sale.
  • Recovery of maximum value, by understanding what log types are in your forest and where the best and highest value end market is for those and by actively managing the harvesting process.
  • Ensuring log payment and security using our proprietary WoodTrack sales system, to ensure the forest owner is paid for all logs harvested and that harvesting and haulage contractors are paid the correct amount for their services.

We understand Australian log markets and have strong marketing networks to ensure that you receive the best value for your forest products. Because we are an independent forest manager, we do not have an interest in log processing or trading. We will always work in your best interest as the forest owner to maximise your return.