Grow Your Carbon Estate


  • Company's seeking ACCU's to achieve net zero and emission reduction targets
  • Forest owners
  • Farmers
  • Private regional land holders
  • Investors and Asset Managers
  • Regional Government Authorities
  • Indigenous Land Holders
  • Other regional land holders
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Whether you’re looking to generate more revenue from your land or need to offset your carbon footprint, developing a land-based carbon estate could be a good option.

What’s a carbon estate?

It’s a suitable land area planted with specific vegetation types that can be measured and audited to validate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) generated or other measures of carbon captured from growing trees.

Carbon projects can be registered with the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) or carbon can be measured on site to ‘inset’ on farm emissions.

PF Olsen’s carbon project approach

The diagram below shows the major stages in developing a carbon project.

Carbon Project process

PF Olsen’s approach means that at each stage, you can proceed on your own or continue to work with us. You are not bound to work with us over the life of the project. Our fees are based on a ‘fee for service’ basis and we do not claim any % of the carbon generated from the project as part of our fee.

How PF Olsen helps you

Our team of carbon experts can help you through every step of the carbon process. We can:

  • Model different carbon project options (hardwoods, softwoods and environmental plantings)
  • Test the eligibility of carbon projects against Australian Carbon Farming Initiative rules
  • Estimate the commercial feasibility of carbon projects by species and across different regions
  • Manage the carbon project registration with the regulator on your behalf
  • Ensure project compliance to protect your investment
  • Undertake all permanence and risk management
  • Prepare and lodge reports
  • Facilitate independent audits
  • Perform due diligence on existing or proposed projects

Australian Government Plantation Establishment Grants
The Australian Government has opened applications grants to assist meeting the costs of establishing plantations.  To remain eligible for registering carbon credits, owners needs to register the carbon project first before applying for the grant.

Once your carbon project is successfully registered, PF Olsen can help you to plant, grow and harvest your forest.

If you have questions our consultants are the best people to talk to.

Let’s discuss how we can support your carbon needs