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Policies and Standards

Our Vision:

The professional land use management company of choice

Our Purpose: 

To provide high quality professional services, sustainably growing our business, and successfully delivering increased value to our clients, our business partners, and our people.

We Believe:

  • That the people who work with and in our business are our greatest asset, and that everyone has a right to go home to friends and family unharmed everyday
  • In operating with the highest levels of professionalism, responsively delivering social, environmental, and commercial outcomes that are sustainable in the long term
  • Our clients are our “lifeblood”, and we are responsive to their needs and the changing macro environment.
  • We deliver on these beliefs by engaging and investing in the best people, ensuring they are provided tools and decision support that allow use to act with agility, creating value with customised professional solutions.

The following policies have been formulated to demonstrate our commitment to our beliefs:

Workplace Health and Safety

Sustainable Land Management

Clients and the Community

Learning and Continuous Improvement

To ensure that specific hazards, aspects and issues are managed appropriately each of these polices are supported by specific Standards which form the core of our internal audit programs so that we hold ourselves accountable and continuously review and improve. The Standards can be accessed at the base of each of these policies.